Food&cinema: a 1979 Italian feast.

“La patata bollente” is a 1979 Italian Movie directed by Steno.

“Bernardo Mambelli alias “Ghandi” (Renato Pozzetto) is a PCI militant and pugilist working at a paint factory in Milan. One night, he sees a bunch of neo-Nazis beating a frail young man (Massimo Ranieri). He saves the man and brings him to his house to learn that he is Claudio, a homosexual. With nowhere to go, Claudio starts staying at Bernardo’s house but a series of typical misunderstandings lead his comrades as well as his girlfriend Maria (Edwige Fenech) to believing that he has “turned gay”. Bernardo is now seen as a potential lost cause and the ongoings soon reveal a “hot potato” situation for him.”

Here the sumptuous meal prepared by Claudio(Massimo Ranieri) in order to welcome back and conquer Bernardo. A most fine culinary and cultural movie passage. Bless.

La patata bollente, Steno 1979. La scena del pranzo. (link to youtube)


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