Berlin: Stadt Land Food Festival

Fantastic opportunity to visit Stadt Land Food Festival in Berlin. Workshops about sausages, bread, cheese and coffee, talks and movies about good farming, good feeding and good drinking and amazing street food and German produces! Berlin may not be the most famous city in the world for its food offer but remember Berliners were going green and organic well before the word hipster made sense, their coffee shops were cool and stylish before we knew what a flat white was and they have been shopping with tote bags forever… so I believe they my not have huge resources invested in marketing and PR but they know what they do!


Sadt Land Food Paper-1

Having calm down the craving for sausages with a solid regime of curry wurst in the past few days spent in Berlin, on the night at the street food festival I went for a fresh and tasty herring baguette at the fish stall inside the the Markt Halle Neun. Immune to the sight of lovely Italian goodies (apparently the best focaccia in town can be found here) but finally craving for all what I was looking at, I passed all the roasting sausages, got tempted by the triple cheese Surf & Turf Burger with prawns by FISCH ART (really popular) and since I had been such a good girl I finally rewarded myself with some fine Riesling. See you there next year!

Sugar free chocolate, for REAL!



Amazing discovery during my visit at the Kollwitzplatz farmers’ market  in Berlin! I love chocolate and I am always looking for artisan one, with high percentage of cocoa. In addition, because the food industry is force feeding us with sugar, I am always looking for sugar free alternative but normally I found chocolate with sweeteners/syrups… nothing really free from major food processing or at a very low glycemic index.

So let’s say I saw this cocoa products selling stall and asked if I could take pics and also mildly asked Mario, the kind fellow behind the stall, if he had sugar free, REAL sugar free, chocolate… How shining his eyes! He had it indeed and he was very proud of it  because the recipe he’s using, that adopts crushed fruits as sweetener, is his very own!

So if you need sugar free chocolate Mario is the guy and Roh-Kao what you have to look for. Check the website and write to him at, he does speak English and he is very happy to send goods abroad. Obviously if you can go and visit him in Kollwitzplatz on Tuesdays from 11am to 7pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 5pm that’s even better!

I have got this amazing 75% raw double bar (half Ecuador cocoa and half Dom-Rep) and it tastes fantastic, a real natural sweetness that perfectly match the cocoa flavour in a moisturized and rich texture.