Tales of Summer by Ines Lauber

Tales of Summer by Ines Lauber – www.ineslauber.com

My pick at Stadt Land Food Festival in Berlin, 2.-5. Oktober 2014

geschichten vom sommer

An apple workshop to increase awareness towards food production, seasonality, preservation and unnecessary food waste. Presented at the Stadt Land Food, Festival for good food and good farming in Berlin, in collaboration with Apfelschätze.

Visitors could choose their apples and work on them with an apple peeler. The peel would go to flavour a locally produced vodka; the pulp, beautifully cut in a spiral, hanged to dry and the core left to be eaten around while the seeds could be nicely packed, labelled and taken away.

I met Ines, the project creator, at the very beginning of the vernissage, when the workshop was empty and she was waiting for people to come in and being engaged, but beside the fact that I liked very much her concept in first place I could already see how cool was going to be!

I know very well how working with food is appealing, inspiring and bounding. In no time visitors were sitting around the table working on the apples and sipping on their apple wine while instructing newbies how to use the available machinery and in the all concept. The magic happened!

I found her approach fresh and entertaining, backed up by the simplicity and power of a real passion that overlooks trends. Looking forward to see her next works.

Ines was also collecting personal stories and memories around food to find inspiration for her next projects. I have so many that at that moment I felt overwhelmed and promised to come back to her with a nice story.

Visit www.ineslauber.com for more information about her work!


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